Material Sales

All products can be picked up or delivered


Our loam is made from decomposing organic materials. Over time the organic material will break down into rich nutrient-filled dirt. To ensure the loam is of the highest of quality, we then run it through a screener to size it removing larger rocks, this will make the loam finer and easier to spread. Loam is perfect for gardens and lawns

Processed Concrete Material


Large chunks of concrete are put through a crusher and pulverized into small pieces of crushed concrete.

  • Crushed concrete dense grade
  • Crushed concrete 4’’ +/- cobble

Processed Asphalt Materials 

  • Asphalt Millings/ Black Gravel 
  • RAP/ Recycled Asphalt Product 6’’ Minus 


Fill Materials 

  • 3’’ Minus
  • Unscreened fill
  • Clay


Rocks/ Boulders

  • This material is priced by visual inspection, we offer a wide variety of small, medium and large rocks for customers to pick from.


  • Material is brought and priced by the yard
  • Each material is priced individually 
  • Price per yard will be determined if the material is picked up or delivered

We would be happy to quote your next project, as well as answer any questions on material selection and quantities for your project.

Please contact us for an estimate

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